About MedGence

MedGence is one of the most important natural medicine CRO companies in China. We are specialized in research of natural medicine and ingredient. We provide complete services from raw material screening to supply of final products in the field of natural medicine. Since our establishment 14 years ago, we’ve been providing R&D services for more than 100 top leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals in China. We have finished modern medical study of 83 Classic Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas, developed 22 innovative natural medicines, obtained registration of 56 hospital preparation medicines, and established standards and production processes for nearly 400 single herb medicines. We have accumulated hundreds of thousands of batches of research data on natural sourced materials, TCM herbs, and medical preparations. Our services include enhancing formulation for dietary supplements, developing phytochemical substances as promising new drug, finding new solutions for cosmetics, etc. We also provide CDMO service for all the above.

What We Do

  • Screening of the active ingredient(s) of plants

    Screening of the active ingredient(s) of plants

    Natural plants contain a large number of active ingredients, such as alkaloids, polysaccharides, saponins, etc. These active substances can be used in medicine, health care, cosmetics and biological pesticides and other products. When a customer is looking for a natural ingredient for some specific application, we may offer help. Based on our extensive data accumulation and strong analysis capacity, we can help our customer to screen and identify which substances are more effective in achieving the particular effect and what plants contain the desired target ingredient(s) in more density, so as to provide a solution with both considered in economy and environmental friendliness.
  • Study and evaluation of the potency of the botanical active ingredient(s) from different seasons and different origins

    Study and evaluation of the potency of the botanical active ingredient(s) from different seasons and different origins

    The same plants growing in different places can have big difference in the potency of active ingredients. Even if the plants growing in the same place will have difference in potency of active ingredients from different seasons. On the other hand, the different position of the plants are different in the potency of active ingredients. Our work enables our customers to identify the best place of origin, the most appropriate harvest season and the most effective parts of the raw materials and thus assists our customers to build a high-efficient and best cost effective sourcing solution.
  • Establishment of analysis methods of active ingredient(s)

    Establishment of analysis methods of active ingredient(s)

    A validated testing method is indispensable factor to confirm an active substance. The analysis methods we developed for our customer can ensure our customer have reliable tools to control quality and thus obtain trust from market. Depending on the product, the analysis methods involved will include all or some of the following: high-performance thin-layer identification chromatography (HPTLC), high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), finger print chromatography, etc.
  • Manufacture process study for active ingredient(s)

    Manufacture process study for active ingredient(s)

    When an active ingredient is locked, it is very important to work on how to produce it with the best cost. Our team can establish the most effective production process for our customers to enhance the competitiveness and reduce pressure to the nature. Our service includes pretreatment of raw material, further processing method (such as purification, abstraction, drying, etc.). The key parameters as listed above can be extremely critical in determining the success of the production.
  • Manufacture process study for finished products

    Manufacture process study for finished products

    There may be other challenges while turning the active ingredients into products for consumption. For example, incorrect process may reduce the content of the active ingredients, or may have deficiency in solubility or taste. Our team can also provide research services to solve the above problems for our customers.
  • Toxicity studies

    Toxicity studies

    Safety has to be ensured before a product is launched to the market. We conduct toxicity studies on our customers’ products, to relieve them of worries, and get effective and safe products to market. The service includes acute toxicity LD50 study, chronic toxicity study, genetic toxicity study, etc.
  • In Vitro Test

    In Vitro Test

    In vitro test can provide the reaction of the cell and organs to the active ingredient(s), to provide references in evaluating whether the study should be proceeded. Although in vitro test is not suitable to all active ingredients study, it is undoubtedly an important factor that can support our customer to make decision with a very small cost because most of the time vitro test has very low consumption in cost and time. For example, when developing active ingredient(s) for blood glucose control, or antiviral products, the data obtained from in vitro tests are very meaningful.
  • Animal study

    Animal study

    We provide animal study service for our customers. The toxicity test and efficacy test in animal study models can, most of the time, be very meaningful reference for our customers’ products, especially for dietary supplements and cosmetics. Differing from clinic study, animal study is a quick and affordable test way to ensure the product will be effective and harmless.
  • Clinic study

    Clinic study

    Under contract research for new active ingredient or new formula, we can arrange clinic study, according to the requirement, including human trail in small group for dietary supplements, as well as phase I, phase II, phase III and phase IV clinic study which is required by new drug application requirements, to support our customers to get necessary data and be qualified for new drug application (NDA).
  • Natural formulation study

    Natural formulation study

    Based on our accumulation in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) research, we specialize in natural formulations, to enhance efficacy of dietary supplements and or to develop new medicine. The service could be the full process including formulations, establishment of raw material standards, establishment of analysis methods, improvement of manufacture process, efficacy study and toxicity study, etc. Meanwhile, individual task mentioned above could also be done at request.
  • Contract manufacture (OEM) for active ingredient

    Contract manufacture (OEM) for active ingredient

    We can organize the production for a specified raw material that our customer desired. We have our own pilot plant and collaborative factories under direct management of our technical team, all study result can be switched smoothly into manufacturing and guarantee our customer can get their desired product of high quality in a timely manner. The form of active ingredient can be concentrated liquids, powers, pastes, volatile oils, etc.. With entrusted manufacturing model, customers’ product information and know-how would not be disclosed and stand on competitive advantage.
  • Contract manufacture (OEM) for finished products

    Contract manufacture (OEM) for finished products

    With our pilot plant and collaborative factories, we can provide contract development and contract manufacture service (CDMO) for our customers. Our products can be liquors, capsules, softgels, tablets, soluble powders, granules, etc. Based on our specialized technical background and our contract manufacturing business model, we are able to guarantee timely delivery, reliable quality and non-disclosure of the know-how.
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